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A general introduction to the sport of sandboarding and
where to find sandboarding resources on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Sandboarding

Article with general information about sandboarding,
sandboarding events, and places to sandboard in
Australia, Egypt, Namibia, South Africa, South America,
Europe, and the United States.

Dune Rider International

Organization founded in 1995 as an international
governing body for amateur and professional competitive

Sandboard Magazine

Web site and online magazine with information
for sandboarding beginners, places to go sandboarding,
sandboarding gear, a sandboard buying guide,
photos, and video clips.

Australia Sandboarding

Kalbarri Sandboarding Tours

Offers sandboarding tours in the Dunes of Lucky Bay.
Tours begin in Kalbarri, Western Australia.

Kangaroo Island Sand Dunes

Kangaroo Island off the south coast of Australia
has about two square kilometers of sand dunes
in an area known as “Little Sahara”.

Stockton Beach Sand Dunes

Huge sand dune area about 32 kilometers long and up
to one kilometer wide. Located near Nelson Bay,
about a 2.5 our drive from Sydnay, Australia.

Chile Sandboarding

>Sandboarding Spots in Chile

– Medanoso Sand Dunes (Copiapo)

– Puerto Viejo Beach Sand Dunes (Caldera)

– Iquique Sand Dunes

– Vina del Mar Sand Dunes

Egypt Sandboarding

Egypt Sandboarding Dot Com

Organizer of sandboarding excursions beginning
in Cairo, Dahab, and Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Egyptian Sandboarding Spots:

– Great Sand Sea (near Siwa Oasis)

– Qattaniya Sand Dunes (near Bahariya Oasis)

– Hadudah Sand Dunes (Sinai)

Germany Sandboarding

Sandboarding at Monte Kaolino Germany

Information about a sand skiing and sandboarding
resort at the Monte Kaolino resort in Mirschau,
Bavaria, Germany.

Sandboarding World Championships 2009

Official web site of the Sandboarding
World Championshiops held at Monte Kaolino
in Bavaria, Germany. Includes information
about the Sandboarding World Championships
in 2007 and 2009.

Namibia Sandboarding

Namib Desert Sand Dunes

Sand skiing and sandboarding are popular spors
in the Namib Desert sand dunes south of
Swakopmund and Walvis Bay in on the coast of Namibia.

Ski Nambia

Dune skiing Web site of dune skiing and sandboarding
expert Henrik May of Swakomund, Namibia.

Peru Sandboarding

Sandboarding Peru Web Site

Peruvian sandboarding Web site with information about
sandboarding spots and events in Peru. Includes
information about “Copa Sandboarding Peru”, an annual
sandboarding competition held near Parqacas, Peru since 2009.

Sandboarding Contest in Peru

Article published on the “Peru This Week” Web
site with information about a sandboarding competition
held in November of 2010, near Paracas Peru, in the
coastal Peruvian desert. That area features
sand dunes more then 100 meters high.

South Africa Sandboarding

The Sandboarding South Africa sandboarding league
was active between 2001 and 2004 and it was revived
in 2007 with regular sandboarding sessions
in the sand dunes near Cape Town and Gauteng.

Downhill Adventures Sandboarding

Offers sandboarding classes and excursions out of
Cape Town, South Africa.

Billion Surf and Sandboarding

Offers sandboarding excursions to
Dragon Dune, a sand dune on a private
farm near Mossel Bay in the Western Cape
province of South Africa.

United States Sandboarding

Sand Master Park

40 acre sandboarding park at Florence, Oregon
in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.
Opened in 2000 by sandboarder Lon Beale.

Dumont Sand Dunes

These sand dunes near Barstow, California are
a popular spot for sandboarding and off-road vehicles.

Great Kobuk Sand Dunes

Located within Kobuk Valley National Park
in Northwest Alaska, about 25 miles
north of the Arctic Circle.

U.S. Sandboarding Spots by State

Alaska Sandboarding Spots

Great Kobuk Sand Dunes

Arizona Sandboarding Spots

Ehrenberg Sandbowl (Ehrenberg)

Hot Well Dunes (Safford)

Parker Sand Dunes (Parker)

Yuma Sand Dunes (Yuma)

California Sandboarding Spots

Buttercup (south of Glamis)

Carmel Beach Sand Dunes (Carmel)

Death Valley National Park (Stovepipe Wells)

Dillon Beach Sand Dunes (Bodega Bay)

Dumont Sand Dunes

Gordon’s Well (Glamis)

Guadalupe Sand Dunes (Guadalupe)

Ibex Sand Dunes (Saratoga Springs)

Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (Glamis)

Indian Rocks (Lake Los Angeles)

Kelso Sand Dunes (Baker)

Marina State Beach Sand Dunes (Marina)

Fort Ord Sand Dunes (Seaside)

White Water Sand Dunes (Palm Springs)

Manilla Sand Dunes (Grassland, Arcata-Eureka)

Panamint Sand Dunes (Panamint Valley)

Pismo Beach Sand Dunes (Pismo Beach)

Point Mugu Sand Bank (Pacific Coast Highway, Point Magu)

Pudding Creek Sand Dune (Fort Bragg)

Rice Valley Sand Dunes (Death Valley)

Saline Valley Sand Dunes (Death Valley)

Salmon Creek Sand Dune at Sonoma State Beach (Bodega Bay)

Ten Mile Beach Dunes (Cleone)

The Pit at Sand city

Superstition OHV Park Sand Dam (El Centro)

Tomales Bay

Colorado Sandboarding Spots

Great Sand Dunes National Park (San Luis Valley, Colorado)

North Carolina Sandboarding Spot

Jockey’s Ridge State Park (Nags Head)

Oregon Sandboarding Spots

Sand Master Park

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