Largest Races

Largest Running Races in the World

Information about some of the largest and most important running events and foot races in the world. These running events had distances between five and twenty-six kilometers and all of them have had between 20,000 and 110,000 racers participating in one or more of their events.

Australia Running Races

City 2 Surf
Annual fourteen kilometer race in Sydney, Australia that has had more then 60,000 participants.

Bridge to Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia 30 August 2009 10 km 45,265 [14]

Canada Running Races

Vancouver Sun Run
Ten kilometer April event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that has had as many as 60,000 participants.

France Running Races

Paris Marathon
April marathon in Paris, France that has attracted as many as 30,000 participants.

Germany Running Races

Frankfurt Corporate Challenge
The Frankfurt stop on the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge racing series is a 5+ kilometer event that has attracted as many as 65,000 participants.

Berlin Marathon
Berlin, Germany
September marathon in Berlin, Germany with more that has had more then 35,000 participants.

Japan Running Races

Tokyo International Marathon
This Tokyo, Japan marathon has had more then 30,000 participants.

Naha Marathon
December marathon in Okinawa Japan that has attracted more then 20,000 participants.

Korea Running Races

Seoul International Marathon
South Korean marathon in the city of Seoul with as many as 21,000 participants.

South Africa Running Races

Comrades Marathon
KwaZulu-Natal Province, Republic of South Africa 16 June 2000 87.6 km 20,047[28]

Spain Running Races

Cursa El Corte Ingles
Annual eleven kilometer running race in Barcelona, Spain that has had more then 100,000 participants.

Sweden Running Races

Gothenberg Laps (GöteborgsVarvet)
This half marathon race in Gothenburg, Sweden usually takes place in May and it has had more then 53,000 participants.

United Kingdom Running Races

Great North Run
Half marathon running event in Newcastle, United Kingdom that has had as many as 54,000 participants. Usually takes place in September.

Virgin London Marathon
London, United Kingdom 25 April 2010 Marathon 36,523[17]

United States Running Races

Bay to Breakers
This 12 kilometer point-to-point race in San Francisco, Northern California is famous for being the longest consecutively run foot race in the world, for being one of the largest (up to 110,000 runners), and for some of the participants running in various states of undress, and for its wild and wacky character. For more about the event see the official Bay to Breakers Web site and the February 2009 San Francisco Chronicle article

Los Angeles Marathon
This Southern California marathon has had as many as 21,000 runners.

Bolder Boulder 10K
Ten kilometer race in Boulder Colorado that has had as many as 54,000 participants. The first Boulder to Boulder race took place 1979. It takes place every year, near the end of May, on the United States Memorial Day Holiday

Peachtree Road Race
Ten kilometer race in Atlanta, Georgia with as many as 50,000 participants. The Atlanta Peachtree Road Race takes place every year on the 4th of July, which is United States Independence Day.

Honolulu Marathon
Annual marathon in Honolulu Oahu Island, Hawaii with as many as 26,000 participants.

Chicago Marathon
Chicago, Illinois Marathon that has had more then 33,000 participants.

500 Festival Mini-Marathon
Annual half marathon in Indianapolis, Indiana with as many as 35,000 participants.

Boston Marathon
Annual marathon in Boston, Massachusetts that has had as many as 35,000 participants. Usually takes place in April.

New York
New York City Marathon
The New York City Marathon usually takes place in November and it has had as many as 43,000 participants.

South Carolina
Cooper River Bridge Run
Charleston, South Carolina ten kilometer race with up to 33,000 participants.

Monument Avenue 10K
Ten kilometer race in Richmond, Virginia with as many as 37,000 participants.

Washington DC
Marine Corps Marathon
This Washington DC marathon has had up to 20,000 participants. Usually takes place in October.

Washington State
Lilac Bloomsday Run
Annual twelve kilometer running event that takes place every May in Spokane, Washington State. The run has attracted as many as 61,000 participants.


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