All About Running

A general introduction
to the sport of Running and resources on the Web such
as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news.


Running Races World Wide

Includes information about running marathons, triathlons,
and some of the largest running events in the world.

Wikipedia Introduction to Running

Article with information about the history of
competitive running, the upper and lower
body motions involved in running, elements
of good running technique, the benefits of
running, running injuries, and an introduction
to the different types of running events
(by speed, by type, and by distance).

Runner’s World Magazine

The online Web site for this hard-copy magazine
includes an international race calendar and articles about running,
shoes, training, nutrition, and physical fitness.

Runner’s Web

General information about the sport of running including
events, articles, news, photos.

United Kingdom Running

Northern Ireland Mountain Running Association

More Running Resources on the Web Running Web Site

Open Directory of Running Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Running Web Sites

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