Rope Climbing

All About Rope Climbing

A general introduction to the rope-climbing
and where to find rope-climbing resources on the Internet.
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Rope Climbing

Wikipedia Introduction to Rope Climbing

Article with information about rope climbing, including
a description of the sport, its history, and world rope climbing

How to Climb a Rope Like a Navy Seal

Rope climbing instructions published on the
“Art of Manliness” Web site.

Video of a World Record Rope Climb

YouTube video clip of Ales Novak
setting a world record in rope climbing:
4.87 seconds to climb an 8 meter rope.

Competitive Rope Climbing

Web site with information about the sport of competitive
rope combing including the history of the sport,
competitions before 1963, and records set
during a rope climbing competition in the Czech
republic in 2005.

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