All About Rollerblading

The term “Rollerblading” is most precisely used to describe
roller skating on inline skates made by the Rollerblade company.
It is sometimes used as an alternate name
for the sport of inline skating, most commonly for
the sport of agressive inline skating, also known
as inline stunt skating.
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I Am Not a Rollerblader

EXCERPT FROM THE ARTICLE: You can call me a me a fruit booter, but please
don’t ever call me a Rollerblader, even if I am wearing Rollerblade inline skates.

Rollerblade Inline Skates

Official Web site of Rollerblade International, an inline skate
manufacturing company started in 1982 by Scott and
Brennan Olson of Mineapolis as Ole’s Innovative Sports.
Since 2005 Rollerblade has been owned by Nordica,
part of the Tecnica Group of Trevignano, Treviso, Italy,

All About Inline Skating

General informatin about the sport and where to find
inline skating resources on the Internet.

How to Rollerlade in 9 Steps

WikiHow article with pictures. Aggressive Inline Skating

Articles and information about inline stunt
skating, a sport that is often called

Australian Rollerblading

Bios of Australian rollerbladers,
announcements and results of events,
and skateparks in Australia.

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