Roller Figure Skating

All About Roller Figure Skating

A general introduction
to the sport of artistic roller skating. Includes resources on the Web such
as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news.

Artistic Roller Skating Forum

The international artistic roller skating forum at had
more then 20,000 posts the last time I checked.

Photos of the 2004 Artistic World Championships

A collection of photos taken by me (Kathie Fry) at the
2004 World Roller Figure Skating Championships in Fresno
California November 17-28, 2004.
Includes pictures of Tanja Romano, Luca D’Alisera,
Daniel Alberto Arriola, Sonia Traversa,
Laura Sanchez, and many more of the top
roller figure skaters in the world.

Wikipedia Introduction to Artistic Roller Skating

Article with information about roller figure skaing,
singles free skating, couples dancing, solo dancing,
pairs skating, precision roller skating, and show team

International Roller Sports Federation

Organization recognized by the International Olympic
Committee as the official international governing body for
the sport of artistic roller skating, roller hockey,
inline hockey, and inline speed skating.

2004 Roller Figure Skating World Championships

Photos and results of the November 2004 Roller Figure Skating
World Championships which took place in Fresno, California.
Also includes a roster of the countries, teams, and
skaters who participated in the event.

Skate Log on Artistic Roller Skating

Articles and information about the sports of artistic
roller skating and inline figure skating. Includes
clubs, forums, an artistic skate buying guide, and
photos of artistic skating evens around the world.

Jayson Sutcliffe on Artistic Roller Skating

Articles, news, and information about artistic
roller skating and inline figure skating from
Jayson Sutcliffe of Australia, Winner of world
championship gold medals on both inline and quad skates.

Open Directory on Artistic Roller Skating

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