Teams By Name

Roller Derby Teams by Name

An alphabetical directory of roller derby teams around the world. See also about Roller Derby, other Skating Sports and Pictures_of_Sports.

A-Town Derby Dollz AK Roller Derby League AZ Derby Dames / Runaway Brides AZ Dery Dames / Arizona Derby Dames AZ Rollergirls AZ Rollergirls 9-21-2010 League Aarhus Derby Dolls Aarhus Derby Dolls 8-24-2010 League Aberdeen Aces Aberdeen Aces 09-27-07 League Adelaide Roller Derby Salty Dolls 03-20-10 League Alachua County Rollers The Hunnies 09-21-10 League Alamo City Rollergirls Prim Reapers League Albany All Stars Empire Skate Troopers 03-09-08 League Amsterdam Derby Dames Amsterdam Derby Dames 10-13-10 League Anfetamina Roller Girls Anfetamina Roller Girls 11-14-10 League Angel City Derby Girls Rocket Queens 03-22-10 League Antihero Derby Alliance (The ADA) Antihero Derby Alliance (The ADA) Travel Appalachian Rollergirls Appalachian Rollergirls 9-14-2010 League Arbuckle Derby Darlings Arbuckle Derby Darlings 12-6-2010 League Arch Rival Roller Girls Rebel Skate Alliance League Arizona Roller Derby Tent City Terrors Travel Arizona Roller Girls The Dropkick Mollys 6-9-2011 League Ark Valley High Rollers Ark Valley High Rollers 9-28-2010 League Arnhem Fallen Angels Arnhem Fallen Angels 4-22-2011 League Assassination City Roller Derby Lone Star Assassins 3-3-2010 League Assault City Roller Derby Assault City Roller Derby 03-24-10 B Travel Athens Ohio Roller Derby Down & Skirty Derby Dolls 08-18-10 League Atlanta Rollergirls Toxic Shocks League Atomic City Rollergirls Atomic City Rollergirls Travel Auld Reekie Roller Girls Celtic Chaos 03-03-10 League Austin Derby Brats Austin Derby Brats League

Babe City Rollers Snow Furies 11-29-2010 League Bakersfiel_d Junior Roller Derby Bakersfiel_d Junior Roller Derby 2-18-2011 League Bakersfield Diamond Divas Bakersfield Diamond Divas League Bakersfield Roller Girls Ballarat Roller Derby League The Gold Diggers League Barcelona Rollergirls Barcelona Rollergirls 1-8-2011 League Barock City Roller Derby Barock City Roller Derby Travel Barry County Black Heart Maidens Barry County Black Heart Maidens 10-9-2010 League Basin Breaker Babes Basin Breaker Babes 8-20-2010 League Battle Born Derby Demons Battle Born Derby Demons B Travel Battle Creek Cereal Killers Battle Creek Cereal Killers 4-22-2011 League Battleground Roller Derby Queens of D’Nile League Bay Area Derby Girls San Francisco Shevil Dead League Bay Rollers Bay Rollers 3-26-2011 League Bayreuth Roller Derby Beach Brawl SK8R Dolls Holograms 07-02-08 Travel Beckley Roller Derby Bell County Bandits Belle City Roller Girls Belles of the Brawl 02-22-11 League Bellingham Roller Betties Formidable League of Amazing Super Heroes 01-28-09 League Bembel Town Rollergirls Bembel Town Rollergirls 04-25-11 League Berlin Bombshells Big Easy Rollergirls Crescent Wenches 02-13-08 B Travel Big Horn Brawlers Big Mouth Mickies Big Sky Bombshells Biloxi Roller Derby LLC. Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames Brummie Bombshells Travel Black Diamond Roller Derby Black Diamond Roller Derby 5-30-2011 League Black-N-Bluegrass Rollergirls Blue Lightnin’ B Travel Blackwater Rollers Blackwater Rollers 5-27-2010 League Blazin’ Banditas Roller Derby Blazin’ Banditas 05-31-07 Travel Bleeding Heartland RollerGirls Farm Fatales 03-16-08 League Blue Ridge Rollergirls French Broads B Travel Blues City Rollergirls Blues City Rollergirls 4-2-2011 League BoomTown Brawlettes BoomTown Brawlettes 9-4-2010 League Boondock Brawlers Big Mouth Mickies 10-15-08 League Boston Area Men’s Roller Derby Boston Manglers 6-24-2010 Mens Boston Derby Dames Cosmonaughties League Bradentucky Bombers Nuclear Bombshells League Brandywine Roller Girls Brass Knuckle Betties League Brewcity Bruisers Shevil Knevils League Brisbane City Rollers Black Heart Belles League Broken Hill Roller Derby The Daisy Cutter?s 6-14-2011 League Bull Falls Roller Derby Bull Falls Roller Derby 4-19-2010 Leauge Burlington Bombers Bomb Quads 8-4-2010 Travel Burlington Skyway Roller Derby Burlington Beauty Queens League Burn City Rollers Burn City Rollers Travel Burning River Roller Girls Rolling Pinups League

C.C. Maiden Texas Derby C.C. Maiden Texas Derby 1-17-2011 League COMO Derby Dames Die Die Darlings League CT Death Quads CT Rollergirls WidowMakers League Cal Skate Roller Derby Cal Skate Roller Derby 3-17-2011 League Calgary Roller Derby Association Thrashin’ Lassies 08-16-07 League Camel City Thrashers Camel City Thrashers 08-20-10 Travel Canberra Roller Derby League Black ‘n’ Blue Belles League Cape Fear Rollergirls Convixens League Capital City Rollers The Daisy Cutter?s 1-24-2011 League Capital District Mens Roller Derby Capital District Trauma Authority 2-12-2011 League Carolina Rollergirls Trauma Queens League Castle Bombers Roller Girls Castle Rock ‘n’ Rollers Platinum Divas League Cedar Rapids Rollergirls Helldorado’s 01-09-09 Travel Cen-Tex Sirens Cen-Tex Sirens 8-11-2010 Travel Central Arkansas Roller Derby Rock-N-Renegades 01-17-07 Travel Central Chaos Raggedy Angst 06-05-11 Leage Central City Rollergirls Slay Belles B Travel Central Coast Roller Derby Rough Diamonds 06-07-11 League Central Mass Roller Derby Panty Linebackers League Central New York Roller Derby The Moody Bruisers League Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc. Angels of NO Mercy 01-07-09 League Charlotte Roller Girls Fraid Knots League Charm City Roller Girls Speed Regime League Chattanooga Roller Girls Chattanooga Roller Girls Travel Chautauqua County Roller Derby Babes of Wrath 12-16-2010 League Chemical Valley Roller Girls Chemical Valley Roller Girls Travel Cherry City Derby Girls Rydell Belles League Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby Wheelers League Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade B Travel Chicago Riots, The The Chicago Riots 8-10-2010 Travel Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls 2-1-2011 League Cincinnati Rollergirls The Silent Lambs B Travel Circle City Socialites The Green Machine Travel Clarksville Roller Derby Red River Sirens 1-27-2011 League Classic City Rollergirls Classic City Rollergirls 02-15-07 Travel Clutch City Roller Derby Jailhouse Jezebels 3-18-2011 Team Coastal Plains Derby Dames Rick Rolling Brigade 09-22-10 B Travel Columbia QuadSquad Spawn of Skatin’ 10-15-2011 League Columbia Valley Rollergirls Comox Valley Rink Minx Rollergirls Comox Valley Rink Minx Rollergirls 04-13-11 League Coos County Rollergirls Rockin’ Roulettes 11-12-07 Travel Copenhagen Roller Derby Kick Ass Cuties 11-23-10 League Cornwall Roller Derby Apocalypse Kernow 12-23-10 Travel Croydon Roller Derby Fenris Flyers 08-20-10 Travel Crude City Roller Derby 3rd Coast Offenders Travel

DC Rollergirls Scare Force One League DV8 Derby Skaterz Dallas Derby Devils Wrecking Crew League Dark River Derby Coalition Dark River Derby Coalition 1-3-2011 League Davis Derby Dames Nightmares & Dreamskates 02-16-07 League Daylesford Derby Dolls Lair Witches 2-23-2011 League Dead End Derby Filthy Habits 01-08-09 League Dead Girl Derby KC Black Plague League Demolition City Roller Derby Destruction Dames 12-11-2009 B Travel Denali Detroyers Mat-Su Maidens 6-25-2010 League Denver Roller Dolls Shotgun Betties League Derby City Rollergirls Red Menace 02-10-07 League Derby Lite Derby Revolution of Bakersfield Derby Brats 8-20-2010 League Desert Dolls Roller Derby Pretty H8 8-28-2010 League Desert Rat Roller Brats 12-2-2009 Detroit Derby Girls Pistol Whippers League Devil Dog Derby Dames Machine Gun Mollies 3-27-2011 League Diamond State Rollergirls Diamond State Rollergirls Travel Dire Skates, The Dire Skates, The” 6-14-2011 League Dirt City Roller Rats Dirt City Roller Rats 3-31-3011 League Dirty Verde Roller Derby Mucker Maivens 07-29-10 League Disaster City Roller Girls Disaster City Roller Girls Travel Dixie Derby Girls Dixie Derby Girls 12-31-2009 B Travel Dockyard Derby Dames Trampires League Dodge City Rollers Dodge City Rollers 11-29-2010 League Dominion Derby Girls All Stripes B Travel Duke City Derby Taos Whiplashes 8-3-2010 Travel Duluth/Superior Junior Roller Derby Duluth/Superior Junior Roller Derby 9-10-2010 League Duluth/Superior Roller Derby League Duluth Derby Divas 7-15-2010 League Dundee Destroyers Dundee Destroyers 8-31-2010 Travel Durham Region Roller Derby The Classy Trashy Roller Girls 8-11-2010 Travel Dusty Derby Divas Dusty Derby Divas 12-7-2010 League Dutchland Rollers Dutchland Blitz B Travel

E-Ville Roller Derby Raw Zombies 9-21-2010 League East Kootenay Roller Derby Bavarian Barbarians 6-18-2011 League East Texas Bombers Assault Vixens League Eastern Distric Roller Derby Eastern District Roller Derby 5-28-2010 League Eerie Roller Girls Eerie Roller Girls 10-26-2010 League El Paso Roller Derby Texas Pistol WhipHers 11-16-2010 League Elm City Derby Damez Elm City Derby Damez Travel Emerald City Junior Gems Emerald City Junior Gems 2-9-2010 Travel Emerald City Roller Girls Skatesaphrenics 04-28-08 Travel Energetic City Roller Derby Association Energetic City Roller Derby Association 06-17-10 League Enid Roller Girls Blackeye Bombshells 08-18-10 League Eves of Destruction Code Blue 08-13-10 League

Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls Tommy Gun Terrors 05-21-08 League Fair City Rollers Fear Maidens Travel Fairbanks Rollergirls Fairbanks Rollergirls Travel Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls Fighting Suzies League Farm Fresh Roller Girls Farm Fresh Roller Girls 08-04-10 League Five eighty (580) Roller Girls Flat Out Roller Derby Lafitte Ladies 03-14-11 Travel Flint City Derby Girls Vehicle City Vixens 12-15-09 League Floral City Roller Girls Floral City Roller Girls 08-16-11 League Florence Blitzkrieg Betties Florence Blitzkrieg Betties 02-21-11 League Florida Hardcore Derby League Daddys Little Defects 08-11-10 Travel Florida Rollergirls Riptide Rollers 04-24-07 League Fo Co Girls Gone Derby Deathrow Dolls 3-18-2010 League Fon Du Lac Fearsome Fondy Foxes League Forest City Derby Girls Thames Fatales 07-02-08 Travel Fort Myers Derby Girls Ft. Myers Miss Demeanors B Travel Fort Wayne Derby Girls SWAT 12-11-09 B Travel Fox Cityz Foxz The Scream Puffz 04-20-09 Travel Free State Roller Derby Free State Roller Derby 11-10-11 League Fremantle Derby Dames Fresno Valley Fever Roller Derby

GTA Rollergirls G-Stars 2-23-2011 Travel Gainesville Roller Rebels Gainesville Roller Rebels Travel Gapland Rollers Gapland Rollers 10-13-2010 League Garden State Rollergirls Northern Nightmares League GateKeepers Roller Derby B-Keepers 4-22-2011 Men Gawler Roller Derby Gawler Roller Derby 5-23-2011 League Geelong Roller Derby Psychotics 12-13-2009 League Gem City Rollergirls Gem City Rollergirls Travel Gent GO-GO Roller Girls Mad Megs 2-21-2011 League Girls Rollin in the South Breakneck Brawlers 11-14-2010 League Glasgow Roller Girls Irn Bruisers 11-13-08 Travel Glass City Rollers Glass City Rollers Travel Gold Coast Derby Grrls Gold Coast Derby Grrls 04-02-10 Travel Gold Coast Roller Derby The Murdamaids 04-26-09 League Gold Miners’ Daughters Gold Miners’ Daughters 3-16-2011 League Gotham Girls Roller Derby Queens of Pain League Gothenburg Roller Derby League West Coast Bombshell 8-10-2010 League Grand Junction Roller Girls Grand Junction Roller Girls 8-4-2010 League Grand Raggidy Roller Girls G-Rap Attack! 12-15-2009 B Travel Grand Rapids Area Roller Derby Association Iron Madiens 12-29-2010 League Grand Strand Roller Girls Granite City Roller Girls Granite City Roller Girls 12-14-2009 Travel Greater Toronto Area Rollergirls Deb Stars 09-21-10 Travel Green Bay Bombshells Green Country Roller Girls Thunder Dollz B Travel Green Mountain Derby Dames Green Mountain Derby Dames Travel Green Valley Roller Girls Greensboro Roller Derby Gate City Roller Girls 3-3-2011 League Greenville Derby Dames Greenville Derby Dames Travel Gulf Coast Roller League Mission Unblockables 12-17-2010 League Gulf Region Roller League Greaser Ghouls 11-12-07 League

Hammer City Roller Girls Steel Town Tank Girls League Happy Valley Derby Darlins Happy Valley Derby Darlins 2-10-2011 League Harbor City RollerDames Skatomasochists 02-01-11 League Harbor Girls e.V. Harbor Girls 12-13-10 League Hard Knox Roller Derby Brawlers B Travel Harm City Roller Derby Harm City Homicide 12-14-2009 Travel Harmonic Violence RollerGirl_s Death Row-lers 12-5-2010 League Harrisburg Area Roller Derby Nuclear Knockouts League Hawaii Pacific Roller Girls Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby 3-31-2011 League Hellfire Harlots Hellfire Harlots 5-8-2010 Leauge Hellgate Rollergirls Pink Ladies 5-21-2011 League Hellions of Troy Roller Derby Hellions of Troy Roller Derby Travel Hellminton Roller Ghouls Hellminton Roller Ghouls Travel Helltown Hellcats Helltown Hellcats 4-22-2011 League Hermiston Roller Divas Hermiston Roller Divas 4-3-2011 League Hidden City Derby Girls Murder Maids Travel High Desert Derby Devils High Desert Derby Devils 2-19-2011 Leage High Desert RattleSkates Hong Kong Roller Derby Honolulu Derby Girls Hoosiers Nest Derby Brats Hot Wheels Roller Derby Hot Wheels Roller Derby 8-10-2010 League Houston Roller Derby Psych Ward Sirens League Hub City Derby Dames The Southern Misfits League Hudson Valley Horrors zomBsquad B Travel Humboldt Roller Derby North Jetty Bettie’s 11-3-2010 League Hurricane Alley Roller Derby Brass Knuckle Brawlers Travel

ICT Roller Girls
Imposters Roller Girls
Inhuman, The
Inland Empire Derby Divas / Kung Pow Kitties
Ireland Roller Derby
Ithaca League Of Women Rollers / The Bluestockings

Jackson Hole Roller Derby / Rock Candies
Jacksonville Rollergirls / First Coast Fatales
Jefferson State Rollers
Jersey Shore Roller Girls / Right Coast Rollers
Jersey Shore Rollergirls / All Stars
Jet City Rollergirls / Bombers
Junction City Roller Dolls / Junction City Trainwrecks

KC Roller Warriors All Stars 12-8-2009 Travel Kallio Rolling Rainbow Kallio Rolling Rainbow 9-14-2010 League Kamloops Roller Derby Association Venomous Vixens 11-9-2010 League Kannapolis Rollergirls Kannapolis Rollergirls 4-27-2011 League Kauai Derby Divas, Inc. Kauai Double D’s 12-8-2009 League Keystone State Rollin’ Renegades Keystone State Rollin’ Renegades 10-22-2010 League Killamazoo Derby Darlins Killamazoo Derby Darlins 12-8-2009 League Kingsford Krush Kingsford Krush 3-1-2011 League Kitsap Derby Brats Kitsap Derby Brats Jr.

L*Town Marilyn Monrolls Daughters of Slaughter 5-18-2010 Leauge LA Derby Dolls Varsity Brawlers 04-29-08 League LaCrosse Skating Sirens LaCrosse Skating Sirens 12-08-09 League Lacombe Roller Derby Association Highrollin’ Hoochies 04-10-09 Ladies of Hell Town Ladies of Hell Town 09-21-10 League Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls 12-09-09 League Lake City Roller Dolls Lake City Roller Dolls 1-17-2011 League Lava City Roller Dolls Cinder Kittens 12-9-2009 B Travel League Leeds Roller Dolls Leeds Roller Dolls 12-9-2009 League Lehigh Valley Roller Girls Special Vixen Unit 02-02-08 B Travel Lil Chicago Roller Derby Lil Chicago Roller Derby League Lilac City Rollergirls Atomic Pixies 12-09-09 Jr League Lincolnshire Bombers Lincolnshire Bombers 12-09-09 League Little City Derby Brats Little City Derby Brats 12-09-09 Jr League Little City Roller Girls Little City Roller Girls 12-09-09 League Little Steel Derby Girls Little Steel Derby Girls 12-09-09 League London Rockin’ Rollers Goldie Lookin’ ChainGang 08-03-10 League London Rollergirls Ultraviolent Femmes (Cleared) 10-10-08 League Lonestar Rollergirls Rhinestone Cowgirls League Long Island Roller Rebels Wicked Wheelers of the West League Lost Highway Roller Derby Low Country High Rollers Low Country High Rollers League

MK Roller Derby MK Concrete Cows League Mad Rollin’ Dolls Vaudeville Vixens 11-19-2010 League Madison Junior Derby Divas Madison Junior Derby Divas 12-11-2010 League Magic City Rollergirls Misfits 5-7-2010 League Magnolia Roller Vixens Maidens of Mayhem 10-27-2010 League Maine Roller Derby Port Authorities 02-25-08 A Travel Malice Springs Roller Derby Malice Springs Roller Derby 01-25-11 League Mamas Bad Derby Girls Man’s Ruin Roller Girls Asked to be removed. 11-08-10 – ManchVegas Roller Girls ManchVegas Roller Girls 11-19-10 A-Team Manchester Roller Derby Manchester Heretics 04-19-11 Mens Margaret River Roller Derby Margie’s Militia 12-10-10 League Mason Vixen RollerGirls Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens Maui Roller Girls Meatgrinders Bremen Melbourne Mens Roller Derby Melbourne Roller Derby Memphis Roller Derby Women of Mass Destruction League Mens UK Roller Derby Association (M.U.R.D.A.) Mid Iowa Rollers Mid Iowa Rollers 11-19-2010 League/Travel Mid Michigan Derby Girls Rebel Rollers 10-29-10 B Travel Mid Rivers Roller Girls Middlesbrough Milk Rollers Midwest Mens Roller Derby Monsters of the Midwest 10-29-10 Travel Mill City Mayhem Mill City Mayhem 3-21-2011 League Minnesota RollerGirls Rockits 10-27-2010 League Misfits of Roller Derby Misfits of Roller Derby 04-26-09 Mission City Brawlin’ Betties Derby Justice League 1-14-2011 League Mississippi Rollergirls Dixie Devils League Mississippi Valley Mayhem Mo-Kan Roller Girlz Mo-Kan Roller Girlz 10-29-10 Travel Molly Roger Rollergirls Monashee Roller Girls Redneck Daisies 04-13-11 League Montana Derby Girls Monterey Bay Derby Dames Cannery Rollers 05-26-10 League Montreal Roller Derby Montreal Sexpos 10-16-08 League Monument Roller Mamas High Octane Honeys 03-13-08 League Morristown Madams Mother State Roller Derby Mother State Roller Derby 07-16-10 Travel Motown Roller Vixens Mountain City Rollers Killa’billy Brides League Mountain Derby Girls High Country Hellcats 04-22-09 Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steel 06-24-10 League Mountain Mauler’s Roller Derby Mountain Mauler’s Roller Derby 04-29-11 League Muddy Water Murder Dolls Dominate Tricks 06-12-08 League

NEO Roller Derby Audio Assault 04-19-10 B Travel NOtown Roller Derby NOtown Rollers 12-08-08 League NRV Rollergirls NWA Rollergirls Twisted Sisters League NY Southern Tier Area Rollergirls Nacogdoches Rollergirls Iron Maidens (cleared) League Nakusp Rollergirls Nakusp Rollergirls League Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls 11-3-2010 League Naptown Rollergirls Tornado Sirens Travel Nashville Rollergirls X Pistols 03-31-08 Travel Naughty Pines Roller Derby Navy City Roller Girls New England Ruthless Rollers Viper Vixens 12-03-10 League New Hampshire Roller Derby Granite Skate Troopers 09-28-10 League New Jersey Hellrazors New River Valley Roller Girls Jaded Misfits 02-13-09 League New York Derby Dames Sound View Rough Rollers League New York Shock Exchange Newcastle Roller Derby Nickel City Roller Derby Nidaros Roller Derby Nidaros Roller Derby 11-14-2010 League Nightmare on Main Street Nightmare on Main Street 4-20-2011 League No Coast Derby Girls Mary Kay Mafia League NorCal Rollergirls VooDoo Dolls League North Idaho Roller Derby North Idaho Roller Derby 7-5-2010 Travel North Louisiana Roller Dollz La’Wrecking Krewe 4-20-2011 League North Pole Babes in Toyland North Pole Babes in Toyland 11-1-2010 League North Star Roller Girls North Star Supernovas 02-08-09 League Northern Arizona Roller Derby Whiskey Row-llers 02-25-09 League Northern Brisbane Rollers Cupcake Cannibals 02-24-09 League Northern Lighting Rollergirls Northern Lighting Rollergirls 03-11-11 league Northern Nightmares Unholy Angels 03-05-08 League Northern Ohio’s wRECk League Norwich Roller Derby League The Norfolk Brawds 10-13-10 League Nottingham Roller Girls The Union Jackels 03-07-11 Travel

O-Town Derby Dames 25th St. Crawlers 01-16-11 Junior OC Derby Brats Oakland Derby Diamonds Oakland Derby Diamonds 5-1-2011 League Ohio Roller Girls Take-Outs League Oil City Derby Girls Lil’ Whips 4-13-2011 Junior Okanagan Derby Girls Peach Tarts 03-12-09 League Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association Kiss Tanks 9-24-2010 League Oklahoma City Roller Derby Oklahoma City Tornadoes 01-22-09 League Oklahoma Victory Dolls Roller Derby Old Capitol City Roller Girls Old Mountain Town Roller Derby Old Mountain Town Roller Derby 02-13-11 League Oly Rollers Oly Prima Donnas 11-26-07 League Olympia Underground Omaha Rollergirls Victoria’s Secret Service League One O’clock Gunners Orange Country Rollergirls Trophy Wives League Orange County Demolition Divas Vicious Vixens League Orange County Derby Stars Orange County Derby Stars 6-18-2010 League Orange County Rollergirls Huntington Heartbreakers 04-13-08 League Ottawa Roller Derby Roll Star 05-17-08 League Outlawed Roller Derby Oxnard Derby Dames

Pacific Roller Derby Pacific View Derby Vixons Palmerston North Roller Girls 08-20-10 Palmetto State Rollergirls Psycho Killers 04-18-07 League Panama City Roller Derby Miracle Strippers League Paper Valley Roller Girls Paper Valley Flyin’ Squirrels 03-09-09 League Paradise Roller Girls Paradise Roller Girls 7-9-2010 League Pearl River Roller Derby Penn Jersey She Devils Hellcity Hooligans 05-24-07 Men Percilla Gorillas Perth Roller Derby Phantom Canyon Roller Derby Phantom Canyon Rollers 2-28-2011 League Philly Rollergirls Philthy Britches League Pikes Peak Roller Derby Danger Dolls League Pile O’ Bones Derby Club Pioneer Valley Roller Derby Skates on a Plane 12-06-06 Travel Pirate City Rollers Mascara Massacre 09-05-07 League Pittsfield Panty Raid Plattsburgh Roller Derby The North Country Lumber Jills 07-08-10 League Plymouth Roller Derby Pocono High Rollers Brookside Bashers League Port City Roller Girls Port City Roller Girls League Portland Men’s Roller Derby Portland Men’s Roller Derby 9-28-2010 League Portland Rose Buds Preston Roller Girls Preston Roller Girls 4-4-2011 League Prince Albert Roller Derby Girls Prince Albert Roller Derby Girls 1-27-2011 League Prison City Derby Dames Providence Roller Derby Sakonnet River Roller Rats League Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz Puget Sound Outcast Derby

Q-Town Roller Dolls
Quad-City Rollers
Quadfathers, The
Queen City Roller Girls / Suicidal Saucies

Race City Rebels Race City Rebels Travel Radioactive City Rollergirls Fallout Femme Fatales 10-13-10 League Rage City Rollergirls Sockeye Sallys 12-16-08 League Rainy City Roller Dolls Rainy City Roller Dolls 11-08-07 League Rainy City Roller Girls Queens of Hail League Randall County Roller Dames Rat City Rollergirls Throttle Rockets League Rated PG Rollergirls Damned Dolls League Razor City Roller Dolls Razor City Roller Dolls 2-3-2011 League Rebellion Rollergirls Rebellion Rollergirls League Red Deer Roller Derby Association Death Row Derby Dolls League Red Dirt Rebellion Rollergirls Red Dirt Rebellion Rollergirls League Red Lion Roller Derby The Pirate Brides Wuppervalley 8-20-2010 League Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby 4-2-2011 League Red Stick Roller Derby Capital Offenders 7-21-2009 League Redding Rollergirls Rolling Dead 8-20-2010 League Redneck Daisies Roller Derby Redneck Daisies Roller Derby 4-13-2011 League Reedy River Rollergirls Renegades of Funk League Reef City Roller Girls Monsoon Maidens 2-11-2011 League Reign Valley Vixens R Rated Rollergirls 8-13-2010 Travel Renegade RollerGirls (Rogue. OR) Renegade RollerGirls (Rogue. OR) Travel Renegade Rollergirls (AZ) Mother Truckers League Renegade Rollergirls (OC) No Holds Barred Roller Derby League Renegade Rollergirls (OR) Wicked Pussycats League Renegade Rollergirls (San Diego, CA) Sailor Cherries League Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal) Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal) League Reno Rollergirls Bang Bang Betties 01-03-11 League Richland County Regulators Richland County Regulators League Richmond Derby Demons Sideshow Hustlers League Richter City Roller Derby Richter City Roller Derby League Rideau Valley Roller Girls Rideau Valley Vixens 08-03-10 Travel Ridge Meadows Roller Derby Ridge Meadows Reapers 06-03-11 Leage Ring City Rollers Ring City Rollers League River City Rollergirls Uncivil Warriers B Travel River Valley Rollergirls Hangin’ City Harlots 07-29-09 Roc City Roller Derby Roc City Roller Derby League RocKArollers rocKArollers 1-27-2011 League Rock City Riot Hipcheck Murphys 1-2-2011 League Rockford Rage Rag Dolls 11-25-2011 League Rockin’ Rural Roller Girls Sangria De Muerta 6-17-2010 League Rocktown Rollers Rocktown Rollers 4-3-2011 League Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Kill Scouts League Roe City Rollers Roe City Rollers 6-21-2011 League Rogue Rollergirls HomeWreckers League Roller Derby Quebec Les Duchesses 02-24-11 Team Roller Derby Toulouse Roller Derby Toulouse 02-22-11 League Roller Divas Roller Divas 01-14-11 League Roller Girls of Chautauqua County Babes of Wrath 06-21-10 League Rollergettes West Side Waywards 12-07-09 League Rollergirls of Southern Indiana Rollergirls of Southern Indiana Travel Rollers de Lafayette Rollers de Lafayette 09-21-10 League Rollin’ Ragdolls Rollin’ Ragdolls 04-24-11 League Rome Rollergirls Rome Rollergirls 08-28-10 League Romsey Town Rollerbillies Team East Angrier 12-6-2010 Travel Rose City Rollers The Wreckers Rec Rotterdam Death Row Honeys Rotterdam Death Row Honeys 11-24-2010 League Route 66 Roller Derby Route 66 Roller Derby 01-16-07 Travel Royal City Rollergirls Our Ladies of Pain 04-05-11 League Royal Windsor Roller Girls New Rollmantics 06-07-11 League Rubber City Rollergirls Rubber City Demolition Dolls League Rushmore Rollerz Rabid Bambies 12-13-08 League

SC AllScars SC AllScars 03-27-08 Travel SWM Roller Girls Sac City Rollers Folsom Prison Bruisers 06-25-08 Travel Sacred City Derby Girls Disciples B Travel Salt City Derby Girls Salt City Shakers Travel San Antonio Roller Derby San Antonio Roller Derby 08-20-10 Travel San Diego Derby Dolls The Swarm 01-07-09 League San Diego Roller Derby Cadettes 12-08-10 Junior Sandusky Rollergirls Sandusky Rollergirls 09-28-10 League Santa Cruz Roller Girls Sarasota County Roller Derby Sarasota Rollerpops 12-10-07 League Sault Roller Derby Soonami Slammers 5-18-2011 League Sault Roller Girls Hades Ladies 01-16-08 League Savannah Derby Devils Savannah Derby Devils League Scenic City Roller Psychos Scenic City Roller Psychos 3-21-2011 League Seacoast Roller Pixies Seacoast Roller Pixies 11-13-2011 League Seattle Derby Brats Junior Mints 10-13-2010 League Severn Roller Torrent Severn Roller Torrent Travel Shasta Derby Shasta Derby 11-9-2010 League Sheffield Steel Roller Girls Death Leopards League Shore Points Roller Derby Boardwalk Brawlers 05-15-07 League Shrewsbury Roller Derby Evolution Rollergirls 04-14-10 League Sick Town Derby Dames Silicon Valley Roller Girls KillaBytes (cleared) 08-20-10 B Travel Single Handed Roller Derby Tough Suprises 05-27-10 League Sioux City Roller Dames Sioux City Roller Dames Travel Sioux Falls Roller Dollz Killa Beez 02-14-07 B Travel Sis-Q Rollerz Sis-Q Rollerz 05-27-10 League Siskiyou County Roller Derby Renegade Rag Dolls 05-18-11 League Skee Town Skirts Skee Town Skirts Travel Skyland Roller Girls Slaughter County Roller Vixens TerrorMedixxx 08-20-08 League Slaughterhouse Derby Girls Slaughterhouse Derby Girls Travel Smog City Roller Grrls Tiara Terrors League So Cal Junior Rollergirls So Cal Junior Rollergirls 9-13-2010 League Solent Roller Derby League Solent Sirens 9-21-2010 Travel Sonoma County Roller Derby North Bay Bruisers 05-04-07 B Travel Soul City Sirens Rock-A-Betties 03-05-08 League South Bay Derby Mizfitz South Bay Derby Mizfitz 05-21-10 League South Coast Roller Derby Lagunatics League South County Derby Girls South County Derby Girls 06-16-10 League South Florida Rollergirls South Florida Rollergirls League South Jersey Derby Girls Big Rig Betties League South Sea Roller Derby The Cutthroat Charmers 11-23-10 League South Side Roller Derby South Side Fresh Meat 03-12-09 League South Simcoe Roller Rebels South Simcoe Roller Rebels 03-24-11 League South Sound Sk8rgirls Axle Roses 12-06-10 League South Texas Rollersitas NerdCore Harlots 08-03-10 League Southern Oregon Roller Derby Ladies In Waiting League Southern Oregon Rollergirls Southern Oregon Rollergirls League Southland Slashers Southland Slashers 06-13-11 League Spartanburg County Roller Derby Sparkle City Rollers 10-21-10 League Spindletop Rollergirls Spindletop Rollergirls Travel Spokane’s Outlawed Roller Derby Spokannibles Spokannibles 04-07-11 League Springfield Rollergirls Doomzday Dollz 11-11-07 League Star City Rollers Star City Rollers League State College Area Rollers State College Area Rollers 11-15-10 League Stateline Roller Derby Divas Stateline Roller Derby Divas Travel Steel City Derby Demons Blitzburgh Bombers B Travel Sthlm Bstrds Stockholm Roller Derby Stockton Derby Dames Strong Island Derby Revolution Strong Island Derby Revolution 6-16-2011 League Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz League Suburbia Roller Derby Backyard Bullies B Travel Sugar Beaters Sugar Beaters 01-27-11 League Summit City Rollers Sumter Fly Girls Sumter Fly Girls 05-19-11 League Sun City Roller Girls Texas Knock Outs League Sun State Roller Girls Violent Rumbles League Swamp City Roller Rats Swamp City Roller Rats 06-09-11 League Swansea City Slayers Swansea City Slayers 04-19-10 League Sweet Union Roller Girls Swindon Rail Road Rebels Roller Derby Rail Road Rebels 01-22-11 League Sydney Roller Derby Screaming Assault Sirens 05-10-09 League Syndicate Roller Girls Bazooka Betties 12-11-08 League

Tahoe Derby Dames Tall City Roller Betties / Pumpjack Riders Tallahassee Rollergirls / Jailbreak Betties Tampa Bay Derby Darlins / Tampa Bay Bruise Crew Tampere Rollin Hos Taranaki Roller Corps / Sin-Derellas Terminal City Rollergirls / Riot Girls Terrassa Derby Rockets Texas Rollergirls Tilted Thunder Rail Birds / Saint Hellions Toowoomba City Rollers Toowoomba City Rollers Toronto Roller Derby Smoke City Betties Torpedo Bay Rollergirls Torpedo Bay Rollergirls Toxic 253 Toxic 253 Toxic Lima City Rollergirls Toxic Lima City Rollergirls Tragic City Rollers Traverse City Roller Derby Traverse City Toxic Cherries Treasure Coast Rollergirls Zoot Suit Riot Grrrls Treasure Valley Rollergirls Grove Street Gang Tri City Roller Girls Vicious Dishes Tri-County Roller Militia Drop Dead Derby Dolls Triad Rollergirls Slick Sisters Triple Sword Roller Girls Triple Sword Roller Girls Tucson Men’s Derby + Dry Heat Militia Dry Heat Militia Tucson Roller Derby VICE Squad Twin City Derby Girls Twin City Travelers Twin City Terrors Twin State Derby Upper Valley Vixens

UK Rollergirls / Big Bucks High Rollers
Ukiah Roller Girls / Mendocino Mayhem
Ume Roller Radicals / Ume Roller Radicals
Undead Bettys / The Damned Skaters
Underground Derby / Rolling Regulators
Upper Valley Vixens
Upstate Roller Girl Evolution / The Urge
Utica Rollergirls / Wreckin Retro Rollas

Valkirias Roller Derby
Valley Fever Roller Demons
Valley Fever Roller Derby
Van Diemen Rollers
Vendetta Vixens Vendetta Vixens
Ventura County Derby Darlins / Battalion of Skates
Vero Vixens
Vette City Roller Derby / Bowling Green Hot Broads
Viagros Viagros
Victoria Rollergirls
Victorian Roller Derby League
Voodoo Vixens
Vtown Derby Dames / V Town Derby Darlins

WV Dixie Derby Dolls
Wakey Wheeled Cats Roller Derby
Wasatch Roller Derby
Wayward Rollergirls
West Coast Derby Knockouts
West Texas Roller Dollz
West Virginia Hell Bettys / West Virginia Hell Bettys
West Virginia RollerGirls / Coal Miners Daughters
Western New Jersey Outlaws / Morristown Madams
Western Sydney Rollers / Riff Wreck n Rollers
Whidbey Island Rollergirls / Wicked Wenches
Whiskey Row-llers
White Pines Roller Derby
Windsor Roller Girls/ Queens of the Roll Rage
Windy City Rollers / Haymarket Rioters
Winnipeg Rink Rats
Winnipeg Roller Derby League / Valkyries Wrath
Wirral Whipiteres
Wisconsin River Valley Rollergirls / Dead Girls
Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Wreckin’ Roller Rebels

Zurich City Rollergirlz / Divas de los Muertos (Switzerland)

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