Rolle Bolle

All About Rolle Bolle

Information about the rolle bolle, a sport similar to
bowling that is played on bare ground with stakes placed
30 feet apart. A beveled “Bolle” is rolled by players
from one stake to another.

Introduction to Rolle Bolles

A history and description of the game ro rolle Bolles
on Dan Verkinderen’s “Rolle Bolle and Belgian Cookie Iron” Web site.

Rules of Rolle Bolles

Rules related to the bolle, the alley, the team, the game,
and shooting. From Dan Verkinderen’s “Rolle Bolle and
Belgian Cookie Iron” Web site.

What in the Helle is Rolle Bolle?

Rolle bolle article by Stephen Browne.

Roller Bolle Rosary in Illinois

This unusual 106 foot by 65 foot pathway at the St. Mary’s of the Fields Shrine
in Prophetstown,, Illions invites visitors to count bowling balls and
rolle bolle balls instead of rosary beads.

Friends Circle Club Plays Rolle Bolle

Article published by the Moline Dispatch
about about a club in Moline, Illinois
whose members – largely of Dutch and Belgian descent –
enjoy playing rolle bolle.

Rolle Bolle Article by Dixie Gardner

Article at with a general introduction to the sport
of rolle bolle and photos of the Vangamplere family playing rolle
bolle in the 1940’s through 1960’s

Holy Rolle Bolle!

East Iowa Herald article about roller bolle in East Idaho.

Dan and the Rolle Bolle Girl

Minnesota Mascot rolle bolle article by Byron Biggin.

Photos of Rolle Bolle

USA Sign:

Ghent : The Rolle Bolle Capital of the World

16th kansas State Rolle Bolle Tournament

Illinois State and Worlds Rolle Bolle Tournaments

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