All About Racquetball

A general introduction to the sport of racquetball and where to find
essential racquetball resources on the Internet.
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How to Play Racquetball

A description of how racquetball is played including
a diagram of the court and information about
the service boxes, drive serve lines, and how
the four walls of a racquetball court are used.
(from RdDepot.com)

How to Play Mixed Doubles Racquetball

How to play racquetball with two 2-person teams.
(From eHow.com)

International Racquetball Federation

World governing body for the sport of racquetball.
Site includes an introduction to the sport and
racquetball rules, news, world records, events,
and court specifications.

European Racquetball Federation

Governing body for the sport of racquetball in Europe.
site includes an event calendar, rankings,
international rules, European rules, and a forum
for racquetball discussions.

United States Racquetball Association

National governing body for the sport of racquetball
in the United States. Site ncludes a rule book,
records, rankings, a hall of fame, an event calendar,
and how to get events sanctioned.

Ladies Professional Racquetball Association

Organizer of a professional women’s racquetball tour
with event locations across the United States. Site
includes news, a tournament schedule, registration
information, rankings, and player bios,

National Masters Racquetball Association

An organization formed in 1971 to organize and
encourage events and tournaments for men and women
racquetball players age 45 and above. Site
includes a racquetball hall of fame, and tournament

Directories of Racquetball Resources

Open Directory of Racquetball Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Racquetball Web Sites

USA Racquetball Organizations by State

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