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Wikipedia Introduction to Powerlifting

International Powerlifting Federation

Site includes technical rules, a hall of fame,

Regional Power Lifting Federations

Asian Powerlifting Federation

European Powerlifting Federation

North American Powerlifting Federation

Oceania Powerlifting Federation

Pan-American Powerlifting Federation

South American Powerlifting Federation

Natural Athlete Strength Association

An organization formed to promote and support drug-free powerlifting,
bench press, push-pull events and related power sports

United World Powerlifting Federation

An organization dedicated to increasing the popularity of
powerlifting and unifying international powerlifting.

World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters

Organization formed to provide opportunities for local, regional,
and world competition in single-lift bench press and dead lift,
and to record official records.

Directories of Power Lifting Web Sites

Open Directory of Powerlifting Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Powerlifting Web Sites

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