All About Netball

Information about the sport of Netball.
Includes the official Web sites of the
international and national netball federations,
introductory information about the sport
of netball, and where to find informational
netball Web sites on the Internet.
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National Netball Federations

Where to find the official Web sites of official
netball federations around the world. Includes
netball federations for countries, territories,
and autonomous regions of Africa, Asia, Europe,
Oceania and the Americas.

Wikipedia Introduction to Netball

Article with introductory information about the sport of netball.
Includes a description of the sport an netball’s history,
rules, variants, governance, and international competitions.

International Federation of Netball Associations

Official international governing body for the competitive sport of netball
Their Web site includes the history of the sport,
rules, news, a forum, and information about
netball events around the world..

The Sport of Netball

An introduction to the sport of netball,
including a diagram of the playing court, from
the International Netball Federation.

Netball Clubs Worldwide

AU: Western Australia Association

NZ: Wellington East Netball Club

UK: All England Netball Association

UK: Sussex Netball Association

UK: University of Warwick Mixed Netball Club

US CA: California Netball Association

US CA: San Diego Netball Club

US CA: Santa Monica Waves Netball Club

US CA: Southern Stars Netball Club

US NY: Manhattan International Netball Club

US WA: Emerald City Netball Club

Netball Leagues

Australia and New Zealand Netball League

Netball Shops

Netball Pro Shop of Australia

Sport Netball Shop of Australia

Directories of Netball Web Sites

Andy Dawson’s Netball Resources

Open Directory of Netball Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Netball Web Sites

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