Modern Pentatyhlon

All About Modern Pentathlon

Modern pentathlon is a multiple-sport event created for the Olympics
that includes five sports: fencing, freestyle swimming,
pistol shooting, and a cross country running.

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Wikipedia Introduction to Modern Pentathlon

Article with a description of the sport and information about its history.

International Modern Pentathlon Federation

Organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee
as the governing body for the sport of modern pentathlon.

National Modern Pentathlon Federations

Where to find the official Web sites of the modern pentathlon
Federations of the world.

Modern Pentathlon Sports

– Running Cross Country (4000 meters)

– Equestrian Steeplechase (500 meters)

– Fencing Epee

– Pistol Target Shooting (at 25 meters)

– Swimming Freestyle (300 meters)

Original Pentathlon Sports

– Discus Throw

– Foot Race

– Javelin Throw

– Long Jump

– Wrestling

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