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A general introduction to the game of marbles and where to find essential
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Marbles in a Bag

World Marbles on Sand Championships

The official name of this event is “Mondial Billes”.
It is an evnt in which the competitors sculpt
elaborate marble runs out of sand. Qualifiers are
held all ove the world and the finals are held
in France.

Descriptions of Different Marbles Games

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U.S. National Marbles Tournament

An annual marbles tournament which has taken place
in the United States for more then 80 years. The
game played in the tournament is called “Ringer”.

Marble Collecting

Frequently asked questions about the game of marbles,
articles about the sport, games and tournaments,
how to play marbles, and information about collecting

National Marble Museum

An online gallery of museum exhibits, articles about marbles,
rules of the game, and the history of marbles.

Directories of Marbles Resources

Open Directory of Marbles Web Sites

Open Directory of Marble Collecting Web Sites

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