All About Lacrosse

A general introduction to the sport of lacrosse and where to find
essential lacrosse resources on the Internet.
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International Lacrosse Federation

The history of Lacross, rules of the game, countries
with member federations, a calendar of events, an
archive of past lacrosse newssletters, and reports
on meetings and events.

Major League Lacrosse

A professional lacrosse league founded
in 2001 and based in the United States.
Includes pro lacrosse teams representing
California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey,
New York, and Pennsylvania.

Lacrosse Forums

English-language forums for discussing the sport
of lacrosse with subforums for men’s lacrosse,
women’s lacrosse, game day coverage, lacrosse in
Canada, high school lacrosse, coaching lacrosse,
refereeing lacross, and lacross techniques.

Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum

A museum based in Baltimore, Maryland USA with
lacrosse exhibits and a Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

More Lacrosse Resources on the Web

Open Directory of Lacrosse Resources

Yahoo Directory of Lacrosse Resources

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