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A general introduction to kite flying
and where to find essential kite flying resources on the Internet.
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Kite Flying

The Drachen Foundation

An organization dedicated to increasing kite
flying knowledge worldwide. Select “About Kites”
for kite flying basics and information about kite building,
kites in science and history, and kites around the world.

Art and Flywork

how to build your own kite, including the basics
of kite building, how to make a smooth seam,
solving bridle problems, and plans for building
five different shaped kites.

Go Fly a Kite

The history of kites, how to make your
own kite, how a kite flies, and more
information about the sport of kite flying.
site was created by Jen Chan as a special project
for a physics course.

American Kitefliers Association

This organization founded in New Mexico in 1964
has more then 4000 members in 35 countries.
Publisher of “Kiting” Magazine. Site includes
an event calendar, a directory of kite flying fields around the world,
and a forum for kite flying discussions.

Japan Kite Association

An organization founded to promote
friendships and cultural exchange between
countries through kite building and kite flying.
Site is in Japanese and English.

World Sport Kite Championships

Official Web site for the World Sport Kite Championships.
Site includes the history of the event plus schedule,
venues, and competitor information.

World Kite Museum

a kite flying museum located in Long beach,
Washington State USA. Site includes a list
of museum exhibits, fun facts about kites, and a
calendar of events.

Kite Life

Site includes archived copies of the articles in the
kite flying periodicals
Kite Lines Magazine and Stunt Kite Quarterly. Also
includes kite flying photos, video clips,
and a forum for kite flying discussions.

National Kite Month

A kite flying celebration that takes
place every April, with a goal of having 1000
kite flying events worldwide.

Directories of Kite Flying Resources

Open Directory of Kites Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Kites Web Sites

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