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World Adult Kickball Association

Sanctioning body for kickball leagues in the United
States, plus three leagues outside the United States,
in the Czech Republic, India, and Iraq.
Site includes
kickball rules, event information, and frequently
asked questions about kickball.

UAF Intramural Kickball Rules

Rules for the intramural kickball games
at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.

Midwestern Unconventional Sports Association

Organizer of adult kickball, dodgeball, and Big Wheel trike
competitions in Minnesota and Wisconsin USA.

Westcoast Kickball League

A league based on the west coast of the
United States.

Brooklyn Kickball

This New York kickball league plays their games in McCarren Park,
Brooklyn. Site includes kickball rules, a game schedule, and
team standings.

St. Louis Kickball Association

A kickball league in St. Louis Missour that
was founded in 2000. Includes game locations
and schedules, rules of the game, pictures,

Seattle Underdogs Kickball

a coed kickball league in Oregon USA
for adult players age 21 and over.

Kickball League of Baltimore

Adult kickball league in Maryland USA
that was ofunded in 2001.

Little Rock Kickball

Kickball league in Arkansas USA.

Northwest Austin Little Miss Kickball

A young women’s kickball league in Texas USA.

Super Secret Kickball Society

Kickball league at Ohio University. Site includes
game schedule, kickball rules, records, and
team photos.

The Goonies

Washington DC based kickball team.

The Snoochie Boochies

Washington DC based kickball team.

Kickball at the Southwest Music Conference

A blog with information about the kickball
events at the Southwest Music and Media conference
in Austin, Texas.

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Yahoo Directory of Kickball Web Sites

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