Jai Alai

All About Jai Alai

A general introduction to hula jai alai and where to find
jai alai resources on the Internet.
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Jai Alai

Wikipedia Introduction to Jai Alai

Article with general information about jai alai and information
about the sport’s rules, customs of play, amateur jai alai,
and the jai alai industry in the Philippines and the United States.

Florida Jai Alai Frontons

Jai alai arenas and stadiums in Florida. Includes where to find
jai alai Frontons in Miami, Diani Beach, Fort Pierce,
Orlando, Ocala, and other parts of Florida.

Other Jai Alai Frontons

Cesta Punta
(Saint Jean de Luz, France)

Manila Jai Alai Auditorium

Information and historic photo of the jai alai auditoruium in the Filipino city
of Manila that was torn down in 2000.

Jai-Alai Dot Info Web Site

Florida Gaming Corporation: About Jai Alai

An introduction to the game of jai-alai from
the Florida Gaming Board, including history,
required equipment, rules, shots, and how to
bet on the game in places where jai-alai betting
is legal.

Jai-Alai Trivia

Where jai-alai was born, when it first appeared
at the Olympics, and more interesting bits of
information about the sport.

Xtreme Jai-Alai

Articles, photos, and general information about
the sport of jai-alai plus information about
jai-alai courts in Florida and other parts of
the United States.

United States Jai Alai Gambling

Betting on jai Alai is legal in the U.S.
states of Connecticut, Rhode Island,
and Florida.

Directories of Jai Alai Web sites

Open Directory of Jai Alai Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Jai Alai Web Sites

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