Canadian Indoor Skydiving

Information about the sport of indoor skydiving in Canada and where to find recreational wind tunnels in Canada.

British Columbia Indoor Skydiving

FlyZone Bodyflight
Portable, propeller-type indoor skydiving and recreational vertical wind tunnel based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their facility is based in the city of Vancouver but they sometimes transport their wind tunnel to fairs, festivals, air shows, and other special events.

Bodyflight Canada
Proposal and plan to build a permanent bodyflight facility in Metropolitan Vancouver Canada by the end of 2011. Associated with the above Flyzone Bodyflight.

Ontario Indoor Skydiving

Niagara Freefall Indoor Skydiving
Indoor skydiving and recreational wind tunnel based in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The facility also has a rock wall, bull riding, lazerball, and a video arcade.

Quebec Indoor Skydiving

L’Espace Aerodium Montreal
This indoor skydiving facility opened in Montreal Canada in July of 2009.

Sky Venture Montreal
Multiple-fan type indoor skydiving and recreational vertical wind tunnel based in Centropolis in the greater Laval and Montreal area of Quebec. The facility has a circular flight chamber that is about fourteen feet in diameter and separate rooms for briefings before and after the flights.

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