All About Hurling

A general introduction to the sport of hurling
and where to find hurling resources on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Hurling

How hurling is played, the object of the game,
the history of hurling, and bios of famous players.

GAA Introduction to Hurling

An introduction to the sport of hurling on the Web site of the
Gaelic Athletic Association, an organization formed in 1884
to revive and nurture traditional, indigenous Gaelic
pass times.

The Game of Hurling

An overview of the game of hurling including
basic skills, the rules in brief, and the
function of the goalkeeper, the backs, the midfielders,
and the forwards.

Independent Newspaper: Hurling News

Hurling in Ireland

An introduction to the game of hurling and the best
place to watch a hurling game, from Lonely Planet.

Unison Hurling News

News about GAA hurling on the Web site of

GAA Hurling Resources

Information about the Guinness Hurling Championships,
the Allianz Hurling League, and hurling all-stars of
the past and present.

Directories of Hurling Web Sites

Open Directory of Hurling Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Hurling Web Sites

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