Horseback Riding

All About Horseback Riding

A general introduction to the sport of horseback riding and where to find
horseback riding resources on the Internet.
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Horseback Riding

Riding Tutorials from Equine World

Horseback riding tutorials for beginners including
how to mount and dismount a horse, riding position
and posture, and how to walk, trot, canter,
turn, circle, and slow down a horse.

How Old Can a Child Start Riding?

Recommendations from the United States National Safety Council
about the youngest age a child can learn to ride a horse. – How to Ride a Horse

Select from the menu on the right side of this
page to learn how to ride western style, English
style, and bareback, plus how to buy and groom a horse. – How to Ride a Horse

An introduction to horseback riding for beginners.
Includes brief introductions to mouting, riding,
and dismounting a horse.

More Horseback Riding Resources on the Web

Open Directory on Horseback Riding

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