All About Hopscotch

A general introduction to the hopscotch
and where to find hopscotch resources on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Hopscotch

Article with general information about the sport of
hopscotch. Includes the sport’s court, rules,
how to play, its origins, world records, appearance
in popular culture and variations.

You Tube “How to Play Hopscotch” Video

YouTube “Learn How to Play Hopscotch”
video by About.com video contributor “Angela”.

Hopscotch Games and Patterns

Printable PDF article on the Canadian
“Alberta Educaiton Department” web site
with diagrams of several types of hopscotch courts
and information about variations of the game
including Eleven Points Hop Scotch, Swamp Hop Scotch,
Ladder Hopscotch, Snail Hop Scotch, andFoursquare Hop Scotch.

WikiHow “Play Hopscotch” Article

Includes how to draw a hopscotch court,
and how to play the game instructions
and a “Hopscotch Rules and How to Play” video.

Hopscotch History and How to Play

A brief history of hopscotch and an introduction
to how the game is played on the “Street Play” Web site.

Traditional Children’s Games: Hopscotch

A general introduction to the game of hopscotch plus how
the game is played in Colombia and Indonesia.

Games Kids Play – Hopscotch

An introduction to the form of hopscotch
typally played by children in the United States.

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