High Five Netball


High Fives Netball


An introduction to the sport of high fives netball.


The sport of high five was introduced in England in 1996,and it is a five-sided form of netball that is sometimes called “mini netball” or “high fives netball”. It is a popular youth sport in the United Kingdom for kids under age 11.

First Step and High 5 Netball
Information about first step netball (4 players on the court), suitable for children for age 7 through 9, and high 5 netball (5 players on the court) which is often played by young people age 9 through 11.

BBC on High Five
A brief introduction to high five and how it is played.

Worcester Encourages Schools to Offer High Five
The city council of Worcester in the UK encourages its schools to introduce the game of high fives netball to its primary school students.


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