Greyhound Racing

All About Greyhound Racing

A general introduction to the sport of greyhound racing and
other types of dog racing where to find dog racing tracks
and dog racing resources on the Internet.
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Greyhound Racing Dogs

Dog Racing Tracks in Florida

where to find dog racing tracks in the U.S. state of Florida and
information about Florida greyhound racing
organizations and Web sites.

British Greyhound Racing Board

The representative body for greyhound racing
in the United Kingdom. Site includes
a directory of greyhound tracks in the UK
and general information about sport
and about breeding greyhounds.

National Greyhound Association

A sanctioning body for greyhound racing events and greyhound
race tracks in the United States. Also operates a registry
for racing greyhounds in North America.

Greyhound Racing Association of America

A United States organization formed in 2002 to promote and enhance
the sport of greyhound racing through education,
example, and promotion the sport in the media.

American Greyhound Council

An organization formed in 1987 to ensure the welfare
of racing greyhounds on the farm, at the track, and
upon retirement.

American Greyhound Track Operators Association

Includes a directory of greyhound racing tracks
in the United States plus news and general
information about the sport.

Directories of Dog Racing Web Sites

Open Directory of Greyhound Racing Web sites

Yahoo Directory of Dog Racing Web Sites

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