All About Gliding

A general introduction to gliding and where to find
essential gliding resources on the Internet. The sport
of gliding is also known as soaring.
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National Gliding Federations Worldwide

Where to find the official Web sites of national gliding
federations all over the world. Includes gliding
federations in Africa, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas.

International Gliding Commission

Official Web site of the International Gliding Commission,
a sub-organization of the International Aeronautics Federation.

Wikipedia Introduction to Gliding

Article with information about the history of the
sport of gliding, soaring lift types, glider
launching methods, cross country gliding, gliding
competitions, hazards, training, regulations,
and sports related to gliding.

Directories of Soaring Resources

Open Directory of Soaring Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Soaring Web Sites

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