All About Geocaching

A general introduction to the sport of geocaching and where to find
geocaching Web sites on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Geocaching

Article with general information about goecaching and information
about the sport’s history, variations, technology,
obtaining and filtering data, mobile devices, ethics,
controversy, and issues.

Geocaching Dot Com

How to get started in geocaching, upcoming events, and a forum.
Includes a large database of caches to hunt down in
countries all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Geocaching

What is Geocaching, why bother doing it, what equipment
is needed, how to you know where to go, and more questions
and answers about geocaching.

Geocaching With Kids

How to make geocaching a fun activity for kids.

Geocaching With Garmin Equipment

An introduction to the sport of geocaching including
the rules, choosing a GPS unit, finding a cache,
and how to participate in geocaching responsibly.
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Garmin Geocaching HPS Units

Directories of Geocaching Resources

Open Directory of Geocaching Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Geocaching Web Sites

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