Gaelic Football

All About Gaelic Football

A general introduction to Gaelic gootball including how to get started in
the sport and adventure racing organizations.
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GAA Introduction to Gaelic Football

A description of Gaelic Football,
how the sport developed, a diagram of
player lineup, rules of the game,
and equipment requirements.

Wikipedia Introduction to Gaelic Football

Article with information about Gaelic football history, rules, and leagues.
Also includes information about the Gaelic football playing field,
length of games, teams, positions, the ball, technical fouls, scoring,
tackling, and officiating.

Gaelic Football and Hurling Association of Australisia

News, history, men’s and women’s rules, coaching tips, and
playing fields in Australia and nearby nations.

Ladies Gaelic Football Association of Ireland

Information about women’s Gaelic football, including
rules, code of ethics, all-stars in the sport, news, and a forum.

Independent Newspaper: Gaelic Football News

Gaelic football news source.

Gaelic Football Web Sites

Open Directory of Gaelic Football Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Gaelic Football Web Sites


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