All About Fencing

A general introduction to the sport of fencing and where to find
fencing Web sites on the Internet.


Updated list of Fencing Tournaments



Wikipedia Introduction to Fencing

Article with information about competitve fencing rules,
the history of fencing, protective clothing, types of
fencing weapons, and varieties of fencing.

Fencing Organizations World Wide

Includes the International Fencing Federations,
continental fencing confederations, national fencing
federations, and local fencing clubs in many
different parts of the world.

Three Types of Swords

Epee Fencing

Usually about three feet long and usually weights
about 1.5 pounds. Has a stiff v-shaped blade
and a large bell guard to protect the hand.
Points are scored with the tip of the blade and
the target can be any part of the body
(head, torso, arms, legs, feet).


Lightweight, flexible sword with a bblunt tip.
Usually weighs about three pounds (same as an epee)
but only weights about one pound.
Points are scored using the tip of the sword
but the target is restricted to torso only.


Has a lightweight, flat blade, a bell guard,
and a knuckle guard. Points are scored using
both the tip and the side of the blade.

More Fencing Resources

Fencing 101

A definition of fencing, information about
weapons used in fencing, how to fence,
rules of the sport, clothing, and fencing terminology.


General information about fencing including an introduction
to the sport, training tips, drills, events, news, clubs,
product reviews, a photo gallery, frequently asked
questions about fencing, and a forum.

Glossary of Fencing Terms

Definitions of terminology commonly associated
with the sport of fencing.

Fencing FAQ

Frequently asked questions about fencing.
Select parts 1, 2, and 3 to see the entire document.

Directories of Fencing Web Sites

BOTW Directory of Fencing Web Sites

Open Directory of Fencing Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Fencing Web Sites


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