Pacific Games

All About the Pacific GamesThe Pacific Games are a continental multi-sport competition between the countries, territories, and autonomous regions of Oceania that has been held every four years since 1963.

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Pacific Games by Year

Information about all of the South Pacific Games
held 1963 thorugh 2003 and the Pacific Games
held since 2008. Includes the event dates,
host cities, the sports included, and the number
of nations and athletes participating.

Pacific Games Council

Official Web site of the organizer of the
Pacific Games. Includes news, general information about
the organization and details about upcoming games, medals won at
past Pacific Games, and medals won at the Pacific Mini Games.

Wikipedia Introduction to the Pacific Games

Article with information about the South Pacific Games and
Pacific Games concept, history, modern day games,
the Pacific Games Council, qualification for the FIFA World Cup,
venues of past and future games, the number of nations, sports,
athletes, and medals at past games, and a regional multi-sport
competition known as the South Pacific Mini Games, and later
the Pacific Mini Games.


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