All About Dominoes

Facts and general information about the game of dominos
and where to find dominos resources on the Internet.
(Note that sometimes the plural of domino is spellled dominos)
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Wikipedia Introduction to Dominoes

Article that includes the history of the game and information
about dominos tiles, suites, rules, scoring,
card games using dominos, competitive play,
and historic domino competitions.

Western Domino Games

Rules and generaL Information about
many differet games played with a dominoes set.

How to Play Traditional Cuban Dominoes

Cuban dominoes instructions on the
“3 Guys from Miami” Web Site.

Dominos: Special Meaning for Many Hispanics

Orlando Sentinel article by Dan Tracy
published on the Puerto Rico Herald Web site

Armenia Dominoes

National Domino Federation of Armenia

Australia Dominoes

Latin Australia Domino Association

Barbados Dominoes

Barbados National Domino Whist & Hearts Clubs’ Association

Cayman Islands Dominoes

Georgetown Domino Association

Germany Dominoes

International Domino Federation

Weltfrieden Domino Club

United Kingdom Dominoes

Anglo Caribbean Domino League

Scottish National Domino Federation

Dewsbury and District Darts and Dominoes League

Dundee Western Domino League

Henley and District Domino League

Leek and District Domino League

Linlithgow Domino League

United States Dominoe

United States Domino Federation

Northeast USA Domino Association

More Dominoes Resources

Directories of Domino Web Sites

BOTW Directory of Dominoes Web Sites

Open Directory of Dominoes Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Dominoes Web Sites

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