All About Diving

A general introduction to the sport of board diving and where to find
essential aquatic board diving resources on the Internet.
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Diving from a Diving Board

USA Diver

The history of Olympic diving, a spectators guide to diving,
high school and college diving programs, articles for coaches, and
diving event results and photos.

Getting Started in Diving

A free online guide published by the
United States Olympic Committee.

USA Diving

National governing body for the sport of diving in the
United States.

United States Professional Diving Coaches Association

A professional organization for diving coaches and
instructors in the United States.

U.S. Masters Diving

An organization formed to encourage divers
over 21 years of age to continue participating
in the sport of diving.

Duraflex Diving Boards

Manufacture of diving boards and diving stands
for commercial pools and competitive diving pools.

More Diving Resources on the Web

Diving Directory at USA Diver

All About Swimming

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