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Tonga Olympic Committee

Official Web site of the National Olympic Committee of Tonga.
Hosted by Sporting Pulse Dot Com.

Tonga Amateur Spors Association

The full name of this organizatin is the Tonga Amateur
Sports Association and National Olympic Committee.

National Sports Federations of Tonga


Archery Association of Tonga


Judo Association of Tonga


Rugby Union of Tonga


Soccer (Football) Federation of Tonga


Tennis Association of Tonga


Other Sports Federations of Tonga

Wikipedia “Sport in Tonga” Article

Article with facts about sports in Tonga and information about
American football, Australian rules football,
boxing, luge, rugby league, and rugby union.

Wikipedia “Sport in Tonga” Category

Information about all of Tonga sports related
articles, categories, and lists on the Wikipedia
Web site.

Traveling in Tonga

Includes Tonga visitor attractions, hotels, restaurants,
activities, transportation, and events,

Directories of Tonga Sports Web Sites


BOTW Directory of Tonga Sports and Recreation


Open Directory of Tonga Sports and Recreation

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Sports in Oceania

Tonga Travel Guide

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