Sports in Africa

Articles and general information about sports in Africa. Includes information about sports organizations in Africa and about sports in several African countries. See also Sports by Country, other Sports by Continent, and Pictures of Sports

African Sport


Africa Sports by Region
Information about sports on the African continent organized by region. Includes sports in North Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, and islands off the coast of Africa.

Africa Sports by Country
Includes information about sports in all of the countries, territories, and autonomous regions of Northern Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Sports With the Most African Federations:

Basketball (53)
Boxing (47)
Handball (47)
Judo (45)
Soccer (Football) (52)
Swimming (50)
Table Tennis (47)
Tennis (51)
Track and Field (53)
Volleyball (53)

Sports Organizations in Africa
Information about sports organizations in Africa including the African sports confederations and other African sports associations.

Sports Events in Africa
Information about the Pan African Games and other sports events in Africa.

Do It In Africa – Sports in Africa
Information about sports in Africa on the “Do It In Africa” Web site. Includes Olympic committees of Africa, sports events in Africa, and African sports by country and by sport name.

Directories of Sports in Africa
– Open Directory of Africa Sports and Recreation
– Yahoo Directory of Africa Sports and Recreation

All Africa Travel Guide
Sports by Continent

Pictures of Sports

Sports by: Country | Name | Type


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