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Information about cheerleading around the world organized , territory, or autonomous region. See also About Cheerleading, other Sports by Type and Pictures_of_Sports.

Australia Cheerleading
Australian Cheerleading Association
Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation

Austria Cheerleading
Austrian Cheer and Dance Association
L.A. Thundergirls Cheerleaders

Austria Cheerleading
Austrian Cheer and Dance Association

Belarus Cheerleading
Belarus Cheerleading Federation

Belgium Cheerleading
Belgium Cheerleading Federation

Croata Cheerleading
Croatian Cheerleading Federation

Czech Republic Cheerleading
Czech Cheerleaders Association

Canada Cheerleading
Alberta Cheerleading Association
Manitoba Cheerleading Association
Ontario Cheerleading Foundation

Denmark Cheerleading
Danish Cheerleading Committee (DAFF Web Site)
Danish Cheerleading Committee (Facebook)

France Cheerleading
French All Star Cheerleading Federation

Germany Cheerleading
German Cheerleading and Cheerdance Federation
Open Directory of German Cheerleading Web Sites

Germany Cheerleading
Greek Cheerleading Union

Hong Kong Cheerleading
Cheerleading Federation of Hong Kong

Indonesian Cheerleading
Indonesian Cheerleading Community

Ireland Cheerleading
Irish Cheer Sport Association

Israel Cheerleading
Israel National Basketball Team Cheerleaders (Video)

Israel Cheerleading
Italian Sport Acrobatic Federation: Cheerleading

Japan Cheerleading
Japanese Sport Cheer and Dance Cheer Federation

Netherlands Cheerleading
Dutch Cheering Association
Sensation Cheerleaders
United Cheers Cheerleaders

Netherlands Cheerleading
Norwegian American Sports Federation: Cheerleading

Russia Cheerleading
Russian Cheer Union

Singapore Cheerleading
Singapore Cheerleading Association

Slovenia Cheerleading
Slovenian Cheerleading Association

Spain Cheerleading
Spanish Cheer and Dance

Swedish Cheerleading
Swedish Cheerleading Association

Switzerland Cheerleading
Swiss Cheerleading and Cheerdance Association
FCSG Green Lightning Cheerleader

Trinidad and tobago Cheerleading
Trinidad and Tobago Cheer Federation

United Kingdom Cheerleading
British Cheerleading Association
Northern Ireland Cheer Sport Association
Scot Cheer All Stars
Wales Cheer Sport
Rhondda Rockets Cheerleaders
Southern Knights Cheerleaders

United States Cheerleading
United States Sport Cheering Federation
United States All Star Federation
Christian Cheerleaders of America
Golden State Spirit Association
Florida Cheer and Dance Association
New England Cheerleaders Association
American Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors Association
Illinois Cheerleading Coaches Association
Long Island Cheerleading Coaches Association
Michigan Competitive Cheer Association
Minnesota Cheerleading Coaches Association
Missouri Cheerleading Coaches Association
Oregon Cheerleading Coaches Association
Pennsylvania Association of Cheerleading Coaches

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