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A general introduction to cheerleading and where to find cheerleading
Web sites on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Cheerleading

Article with information about
collegiate cheerleading, professional cheerleading squads,
cheerleading history, organizations, competitions,
appearance in popular culture, and cheerleading in
several different countries.

Cheerleading Organizations

Includes the World Cheerleading Association,
the World Spirit Association, the Fellowship of
Christian Cheerleaders, and other cheerleading

Cheerleading by Country

Information about cheerleading in Australia,
Great Britain, Japan, Singapore, and the United States.

Types of Cheerleading

Includes information about
all stars cheerleading,
collegiate cheerleading,
competitive cheerleading,
high school cheerleading,
and professional cheerleading,

Cheerleading Web Sites

Includes the cheerleading Web site at,
Cheerleading Dot Net, Cheerplace Dot Com,
Varsity Dot Com, and other cheerleading Web sites.

Cheerleading Magazines

Cheerleading magazines, periodicals,
and other cheerleading publications
with issues published on a regular basis.

Shop for Cheerleading Products

The cheerleading shop at Ask About Sports features
cheerleading videos, books, posters, wall calendars,
clothing, jewelry, pom poms, megaphones,
cheerleader costumes for Halloween and masquerade parties,
and college fight song CDs.

Cheerleading Camps and Competitions

Information about cheerleading camps,
commercially produced cheerleading competitions,
and other cheerleading events.

Cheers for Cheerleaders

Examples of cheers used by cheerleaders all over the world.
Includes college cheers, high school cheers,
pro cheerleader cheers and others.

Stunts for Cheerleaders

Cheerleading A to Z

An alphabetical index to all of the information on
this Web site about cheerleading, cheer dance,
and cheer sports.

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