All About Canopying

A general introduction to the sport of canopying and where to find
canopying resources on the Internet.
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Wikipedia “Canopy Walkway” Article

Brief article with information about scientific
and eco-tourism walkways providing above ground
access to forest canopies.

Canopy Walks in Peru

Article on the Moon Travel Guides Web site with
information about rainforest canopy walkways in Peru.

Explorama’s Amazon Canopy Walkway

A walkway above a Peruvian rainforest
that was opened in 1993 by the Amazon
Conservatory of Tropical Studies.
Walkway is 35 meters (115 feet)
above the ground and 500 meters long.

Photos of the Amazon Canopy Walkway

A gallery of pictures taken in 2001 by Ingolf Vogeler
of the Amazon Canopy Walkway in Peru.
From the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire.

Original Canopy Tour

Operator of rainforest canopy tours in Costa Rica,
Nicaragua, Jamaica, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Ver-Tige Canopy Tours in France

Treetop tours in Vallon Point d’Arc, France.
Five tree-top trails are available, each
with a different degree of difficulty.

Canopy Access Providers

A group of scientists and construction
experts who build tree-top canopy access
systems for scientific and tourism purposes.
The systems typically include features such
as walkways, towers, platforms, cable lines,
and ropes for climbing.

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