Caber Toss

All About Caber Toss

A general introduction to the sport of caber tossing and
resources on the Web such as federations, clubs, rules,
venues, articles, and news.
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Caber Toss

Introduction to Caber Tossing

Photos and a brief introduction to caber tossing,
on the Web site of Canadian scottish heavy events
champion Douglas MacDonald.

Caber Tossing Rules and Photos

Information and pictures of the caber toss event at
a Scottish Weekend event in General Butler State Resort Park,
Carrollton, Kentucky, USA.

What is Caber Tossing?

A description of the Scottish game of caber tossing,

Russ Murphy’s World Record Caber Toss

On January 1, 2001, Russ Murphy United States
set a new world’s record for caber tossing
at the Waipu Highland Games in New Zealand.

Caber Toss Videos

Daniel Mckim, Caber Toss World Champion

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