Introduction to Stretching

A general introduction to the sport of Stretching and resources on the Web such as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news.

Stretching and Flexibility by Brad Appleton
Covers the physiology of , flexibility, types of , how to stretch, training todo the splits, and the normal ranges of motion for each joint in the body.

Stretching Exercises by Lisa Balbach
A collection of exercises for the calves, glutes, hamstrings, hip adductors, hip abductors, hip flexors, and the quadriceps.

Stretching to Relieve Back Pain
EXCERPT FROM THE ARTICLE: “Almost everyone can benefit from the soft tissues – the muscles, ligaments and tendons – in the back and around the spine. The spinal column and its contiguous muscles, ligaments and tendons are all designed to move, and limitations in this motion can accentuate back pain.

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