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Action Sports Events

Information about action sports events.

ASA Action Sports Tour
Serief of action sports competitions featuring skateboarding, BMX stunt bike, aggressive inline skating, and freestyle motocross. Events are produced by the ASA Entertainment Group of Florida and Southern California.

Dew Tour
Annual series of action sports competitions that take place between June and October. The events in the Dew Tour Series take place in five different cities. The first stop is usually focused on BMX stunt biking, the second stop is usually focused on skateboarding, and the last three stops usually include park and vert skateboariding, park, vert, and dirt BMX stunt biking, and freestyle motocross.

EXPN X Games
Extreme sports event produced and televised by ESPN. There are two events per year, the Winter X Games in January or February and the Summer X Games in August. The first X Games event took place in 1995.

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