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A guide to sports in the media. Includes sports news, sports on televion, sports o the radio, newspaper sports sections, sports books, and sports magazines.

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International Sports Press Association
Organization founded in 1924 during the Olympic Games in Paris, France. Operates through a system of continental, regiona, and national associations and works closely with the International Olympic Committee.

Associated Press Sports Editors
Organization established to improve the professional standards of its member organizations and to discuss and attempt to resolve issues faced by those organizations. Also recognizes professional excellence amont its membership.

British Sports Journalists Association
Organized established in 1948 to support and facilitate communication among the sports journalists of the United Kingdom. Also provides consulting services to organizers of major sports events on media requirements and provides media liaison for the British Olympic Association at the Olympic Games.

U.S. National Sports Journalism Center
Organization based at Indiana University that was esttablished to provide a forum for duscussion of major sports media issues and engage in research projects to illuminate trends and issues in the sports media world.

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