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A general introduction to kubb and where to find
kubb resources on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Kubb

Article with general information about kubb. Include’s
the sport’s history, game pieces, setup, rules,
how to play, and kubb tournaments.

Kubb: The Viking Game

The history of kubb, equipment required
for the game, how to play, and photos
of people playing kubb outdoors on the grass,
indoors on a floor, and outdoors in the snow.

What is Kubb?

Article on the Bygone Bureau Web site

Kubb Events

Kubb World Championships

European Kubb Championships

U.S. National Kubb Championships

Kubb by Country

Kubb in Austria

Kubb Club Austria

Kubb in Belgium

Kubbspel Dot BE

Mirakel Kubbers

Kubb in Chile

Kubb Chile Blog

Kubb in France

French Kubb Federation

Kubb in Germany

Kubb Sport Berlin

Kubb Spiel Dot DE

Kubben Das Wikingerspiel


Kubb in Italy

Gruppo Italiano Kubb

Kubb in Japan

Japanese Kubb Web Site

Kubb in the Netherlands

Kubb Club de Lösse Přls

Kubb in Switzerland

Swiss Kubb Association / Swiss Kubb Challenge

Basel City Kubb / Sure Shot 10 Swiss Cubb Open

Kubb in the United Kingdom

British Kubb Players Association

Kubb in the United States

Chippewa Valley Kubb League

Desmoines Kubb Club

Illinois Kubb

Madison Kubb / Midsommer Kubb Tournament

Minnesota Kubb Club

Northwest Minnesota Kubb League

Northeast Ohio Kubb Club

Wisconsin Kubb

Stateline Kubb Club
 (Illinois and Wisconsin)

More Kubb Resources

Planet Kubb Web Site

Directories of Kubb Resources

Open Directory of Kubb Resources

BOTW Directory of Kubb Resources

European Kubb Championshiops List List

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