Kite Surfing

All About Kite Surfing

A general introduction to kite surfing and where to find essential kite
surfing resources on the Internet.
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Kite Surfing

International Kiteboarding Association

An organization founded in 2001 to promote the
sport of kiteboarding around the world. Site
includes a directory of IKA affiliated kiteboarding
instructors, how to kiteboard safely, internationally
recognized hand signals, priority rules for waterways,
and frequently asked questions about kiteboarding.

Rules for Safe Kiteboarding

How to kiteboard safely, from the Hawaii Kiteboarding

Kiteboard World Pro Tour

Schedule of competitions, countries and athletes participating,
registration information, rule book, rankings and results
for this world kite surfing tour.

Red Bull King of the Air

Series of extreme kite surfing competitions
with events in several different countries. Site
includes general event information, how to register,
athlete bios, and free online video clips.

Directories of Kite Surfing Resources

Open Directory on Kite Surfing

Yahoo Kite Surfing Directory

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