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Sports Federations

Information about national sports , continental sports , and international sports organized by location and by sport.

International Sports Federations
Where to find the official Web sites of all of the international sports . These organizations are the international governing bodies for sports that are currently part of the Olympic Games and other sports recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Also included are international for emerging sports and International for other sports not yet recognized by the IOC.

National Sports Federations
Includes the official Web sites of national sports organizations all over the world, organized two ways, by country and by sport.

Continental Sports Con
Information about continental sports con organized by continent and by sport.

IOC Recognized Sports
A directory of sports and sports recognized by the International Olympic Comittee.

From the IOC:
– National Olympic Committees
– International Sports Federations

More International Federations
– General Association of International Sports Federations
– International Master Athlete Federation
– Association of Summer Olympic International Federations
– International University Sports Federation
– Sports Federations International
– Sports Federations of the World

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