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Articles and information about sports for physically and mentally challenged athletes. See also other Sports by Type and Pictures of Sports.

Amputee Sports: Leg Amputees Running a Race

Amputee Sports
Blind Sports: Blind Athlete Running a Race
Blind Sports


Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball
Wheelchair Racing
Wheelchair Racing
Wheelchair Tennis
Wheelchair Tennis


About the Paralympics
An international competition for physically challenged athletes which takes place after the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, in the same host city or country.

About the Special Olympics
An international competition for mentally challenged athletes which takes place every two years, alternating between summer and winter games. In 2003 the Summer Special Olympics took place in Ireland and in 2005 the Winter Special Olympics took place in Japan.

Challenged Sports by Challenge
– Amputee Sports
– Blind Sports
– Deaf Sports
– Dwarf Sports
– Mentally Challenged Sports

Challenged Sports by Name
– Handball
– Wheelchair Basketball
– Wheelchair Racing
– Wheelchair Tennis
– Sitting Volleyball

Challenged Athletes Foundation
An organization founded in 1997 to organize competitions and other fund-raisers for grants that are awarded to physically challenged athletes who participate in a wide range of sports.

Challenged Sports Organizations
– Amputee Cycling Association
– Dwarf Athletic Association of America
– International Badminton Association for the Disabled
– Skating Association fo the Blind and Handicapped

Directories of Challenged Sports Web Sites
– BOTW Directory of Disabled Sports Web Sites
– Open Directory of Disabled Sports Web sites
– Yahoo Directory of Disabled Recreation and Sports

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