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A general introduction to and where to find essential resources on the Internet.

Pictures of Air Sports
A collection of pictures of many different types of airports. Includes governed by the International Air Sports Federation and niche .

Air Sports Disciplines
Aerobatics, aeromodelling, astronautics, hot air ballooning, gliding, hang gliding, human powered aircraft, parachuting, paragliding, parasailing, rotor craft (helicopter) flying, skydiving, and ultra light aviation,

National Air Sports Federations and Clubs
Information about national federations, aeronautical associations, aero clubs, and other and aeronautical organizations, organized by country.

World Air Sports Federation (FAI)
Official Web site of the international governing body for aeronautics and such as aeromodelling amateur-built aircraft, ballooning, experimental aircraft, general aviation, gliding, hang gliding, micro light flying, parachuting, paragliding, rotor craft, and simulated flying. The FAI is also known as the International Aeronautics Federation, Federation Aeronautique Internationale, and the International Air Sports Federation.

Air Sports in Europe

Web Sites About Air Sports
A directory of general information Web sites about .

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