All About Kendo

A general introduction to the martial art of kendo and where to find
essential kendo resources on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Kendo

Article with information about Kendo’s history, practitioners,
equipment, clothing, modern Kendo, techniques,
competition rules, advanceent levels, and organizations.

International Kendo Federation

Official world governing body for the sport of Kendo.

All Japan Kendo Federation

An organization established in 1952 to represent and
exercize general control of amateur Kendo, Iaido,
and Jodo in Japan. Site includes the history
of Kendo, the purpose of practicing Kendo,
and information about events.

Kendo Shiai Glossary

An English language glossary of Kendo

Directories of Kendo Resources

Open Directory of Kendo and Iaido Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Kendo and Iaido Web Sites

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