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Articles and introductory information about dancing and the
emerging sports discipline known as dance sport.
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Dance Sport: Dramatic Tango Dancers

Wikipedia Introduction to DanceSport

Article with information about competitive ballroom dancing,
an activity sometimes referred to as “dancesport”.

Elements of Dance Etiquette

Article with ballroom dancing advice about what to wear,
personal grooming, asking for a dance,
declining a dance, beginning and ending a dance,
no-fault dancing,
dancing to the level of a partner,
and etiquette related to teaching on the dance floor.

International Dance Sport Organizations

World DanceSport Federation

International governing body for dancesport and
wheelchair dancesport.
Founded in 1935 as the International Council of
Amateur Dancers,
renamed the International DanceSport Federation in
1990 and given its current name in 2011.

World Dance Council

Organization founded in 1950 to
establish international ballroom dancing competition
guidelines and to become an authority on
international competitive ballroom dancing.

World Swing Dance Council

Organization founde din 1993 to facilitate
communication and provide information, services,
and record keeping forthe swing dance community.

International Dance Sport Association

Regional Dance Sport Organizations

Asian DanceSport Federation

Australia DanceSport Federation

Canadian DanceSport Federation

United States DanceSport Federation

DanceSport Disciplines

– Foxtrot

– Merengue

– Salsa

– Samba

– Swing

– Tango

– Waltz

Wheelchair Dance Sport

Paralympic Committe: Wheelchair Dance Sport

Wheelchair dance sport information on
the official Web site of the
International Paralympic Committee.

American Dance Wheels Foundation

Other Dance Sport Resources

Directories of Dance Sport Web sites

Open Directory of Dance Sports Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Ballroom Dance Web Sites

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