Card Games

All About Card Games

Facts and general information about card games
and where to find card playing resources on the Internet.
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Card Games: Family Playing Cards

Card Games by Name

Alphabetical guide to rules and general information
about some of the most popular card games.
Includes blackjack, bridge, canasta, crazy eights, gin rummy, fish,
hearts, spades, pinochle, poker, Mille Bournes,
Old Maid, and other card games.

Card Games by Type

Many differnt card games organized by type.
Includes trick-taking, matching, shedding, accumulating,
fishing, comparing, solitaire, drinking, multi-genre,
collectible, casino, gambling, and fictional card games.

Wikipedia “Card Games” Article

Includes an introduction to playing cards,
the typical structure of card games,
shuffling cards, dealing cards,
card game terminology, and information about
specific card games organized by type.

Alphabetical Index of Card Games

Rules to hundreds of card games from around the world,
sorted alphabetically by card game name.

Directories of Card Games Resources

BOTW Directory of Card Games Resources

Cbel Directory of Card Games Resources

Open Directory of Card Games Resources

Yahoo Directory of Card Games Resources

Wikipedia List of Game Manufacturers

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